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The Orient Research Centre (ORC) was founded in the United Arab Emirates in mid-2011, as a think tank focusing on country risk and geopolitical prospective research related to the Arabian Gulf and the Middle East.

Based on experience, the center adopts and develops a multi-disciplinary methodology dealing with the far reaching changes taking place across the region.

ORC functionally works as a support platform for decision-making covering a range of international and regional issues from the point of view of the countries of the region.

The research team includes senior consultant researchers and working hand in hand with associate junior researchers.

The output of ORC’s research relies on conducting internal brainstorming sessions that includes consultancy in strategic, policy making, economic and social issues, addressing a wide spectrum of partners. They are based on analyzing challenges and opportunities.

The Centre also runs programs for governmental and international agencies individually or in collaboration with other centers interested in these subjects.


– ORC develops training programs for a number of junior researches in relevant fields in in coordination with reputable academic institutions.
– ORC organizes closed workshops to complement and corroborate its research.
– Forums and Conferences.

ORC Resources:

The center’s funding relies on revenue generated from research, consultancy and services provided to a wide spectrum of clients such as:
– Governmental agencies in the Arabian Gulf
– International Organizations
– Research Centers
– Academic Institutions
– Media Organizations

ORC is focused on the

following areas:

– Arabian Gulf States
– Countries of the Arab Middle East
– Non-Arab Middle Eastern countries, particularly Turkey and Iran
– The United States and Europe from a GCC perspective
– The world economy from a GCC perspective
– Political and economic aspects of energy issues

ORC Activities:

ORC issues weekly and monthly independent research papers in addition to annual books.

Our Team


Dr. Samir Altaqi

Founder & Director

He worked as a visiting professor at Saint Andrews University, Scotland, United Kingdom. He is also a cardio-vascular surgeon. He was involved in politics and diplomacy in Syria and previously served as Director of Orient Centre for International Studies in Damascus until 2010.

Dr. Ahmad Barqawi

Academic Affairs Manager at the Orient Research Centre

A philosopher and a former Dean of the faculty of philisophy at the University of Damascus. He wrote many books on the political thought and social contract.

Dr. Sam Dalla

Consultant Researcher at Orient Research Centre

A professor of Comparative Constitutional Law at the University of Sharjah, he was the Dean of the Faculty of Law in Damascus, and was a director of the INA in Syria.

Aref Dalila

Consultant Researcher at Orient Research Centre

Aref is a Syrian Economist and a member of the National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change. He was previously the Dean of the Faculty of Economics in Damascus University.

Anas Jouejati

Senior Translator and editor at Orient Research Centre

Bachelor of Business Administration – International Marketing Pace University


Eman Bereqdar

Arabic Language Editor at Orient Research Centre

Studied in Aleppo University Literature and Human Science. Has been teaching the Arabic Language since 1985 and worked in editing and proofreading since 1989. Has published so many community related articles in Syrian newspapers like (Tishreen and Al Thawra) and in some Emirati Newspapers like Al Bayan and Al Ittihad. Has been teaching Arabic for non- Arabic speakers since 1995.

Taysir Khalaf

Editing Manager at Orient Research Centre

A historian participated in different Arab research centres. He published many books in the history of politics and arabic civilization.

Mousa Qallab

Consultant Researcher at Orient Research Centre

A retired Brigadier General; Jordanian Armed Forces from 1968-1998. He managed Security and Defense Program researches with Institute of Near East and Gulf for Military Analysis(INEGMA), then with Gulf Research Centre (GRC) based in Dubai- UAE, from 2003-2009. He practiced freelance strategic Analyst (Defense and Security) issues from 2009-2011.

Rasha Joundi

Training Program Supervisor / Saudi Arabia Expert at Orient Research Centre

She is specialized in the GCC policies in general and Saudi Arabia’s Domestic and International policies in particular. Rasha is a Master’s Graduate at the University of Leicester in International Relations & World Order, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the University of Damascus

Mariam Issa Askour

Fellow Researcher at Orient Research Centre

She is specialized in the UAE file and responsible for the financial and managerial communications with the partners

Sultan Tarabeine

Finance manager & Fellow Researcher at Orient Research Centre

Sultan is specialized in the Economics file. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management from the Lebanese American University.

Muneer Alrayes

Fellow Researcher at Orient Research Centre

Muneer is specialized in the Iranian Domestic and International policies. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in mass communication from both Nixon, and Damascus University.


Zein Nachar

Fellow Researcher at Orient Research Centre

Zein covers political trends in the European Union states, she is also a Coordinating Officer in the Syrian Crisis Team which striving to help crafting a political settlement for the ongoing war.

Sarah Ramadan

Fellow Researcher at Orient Research Centre

Sarah is specialized in the US Foreign Policy Affairs. She has trained on Conflict Resolution and Peace Building in The Carter Centre and at the University of Amsterdam, She holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Diplomatic Science from the University of Kalamoon, Syria.

Nour Aldeen Alsayed

Fellow Researcher at Orient Research Centre

Nour Aldeen is specialized in Oil and Gaz field. He holds a Bachelor’s degrees in Economic from Tishreen University


Aisha Krenful

Fellow Researcher at Orient Research Centre

She is specialized in the political affairs of Iraq. Aisha holds a Masters in International Relations from the University of Nicosia, a Diploma in Methodology and a Bachelor in English Literature from the University of Aleppo.


Khalid AlShimmari

 Visiting Scholar at Orient Research Centre

Khalid worked on Eurasian and Pakistani politics, and he’s now concentrating on Chinese politics and socioeconomics. He received his Bachelors degree in Political Science from the United Arab Emirates University.


Zeina Yakan

 Fellow Researcher at Orient Research Centre

Zeina is specialized in the Russian affairs and its sphere of Influence

Ayesha Almheiri

Visiting Scholar at Orient Research Centre

Aysha is focusing on the Turkish affairs regionally and internationally. She graduated from Zayed University in the United Arab Emirates in June 2012 with a bachelors degree in international affairs.

Roula Ajjan

Administration Manager & Personal Assistant at Orient Research Centre

Administration Manager & Personal Assistant of Dr. Samir Altaqi .she holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature.

Louna Hamad

Digital Media and Graphic Executive at Orient Research Centre

Louna holds a Master’s Degree in Digital Media and Communications form University of Nicosia, Cyprus and a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from University of Damascus

Thabet Hafez

IT and Network Manager at Orient Research Centre

Holds an MBA In Project Management from LIMKOKWING UNIVERSITY Of Creative Technology from (Cyberjaya-Malaysia). And a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering in Arab International University( Damascus-Syria ).

Rasha Assi

Graphic Designer at Orient Research Centre

Rasha holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Arab international university in Syria

Houssam Beiruti

Member of the Podcast Team at Orient Research Centre

Member of the Podcast team at Orient Research Centre

Zafar Ahamad

PRO & Driver at Orient Research Centre

PRO and Driver at Orient Research Centre